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Hotel absorption drawer minibar

Product Type: Hotel Guestroom Minibar
Product Name: Hotel absorption drawer minibar
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: Qingliu
Volume (L): 45

★ The first domestic absorption drawer minibar
★ Absorption refrigeration, make the product running at zero decibels,  sleep more quiet and comfortable.
★ Novel appearance and structural design, more luxurious.
★Embedded installation  and drawer structure design can be combined with different hotel decoration styles.
★ Unique shelf design can accommodate various sizes of beverages and food by different request. (such as champagne, red wine, etc.)
★beverage shelves that can be freely adjusted according to the drink size.
★Sliding hinge can achieves the perfect integration with the furniture as one

Technical Data

Door Type:Draw out the door
Net Weight:18.2KG
Gross Weight:20.5KG
Temperature Range:0-8℃
Dimensions:(L)510*(W)550*(H)430mm                                                                                     Package:(L)620*(W)570*(H)550mm
Rated Power:80W
Voltage/Frequency:AC220/100/110V 50/60Hz
Cable length:1.6m
Power Comsumption:1.0KW.h/24H
Color:matt black


★II Generation of absorption cooling technique ,strong refigeration capacity
★ The new fin diffused cold plate, made of high thermal conductivity pure aluminum, not only saves space, but also increased the area of ​​50% of the cooling, effectively improve the cooling efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
★Foaming with clopentane(C5H10),a CFC Free thermal insulation with ultra cooling effciency;
★Over-head light design, permanent magnet sensor switch life of 100,000 times.
★ Detachable three-layer anti-cold door seal, 100% anti-bacterial material.
★ Food-grade high-gloss antibacterial liner meets European ROHS standards to ensure food storage safety.
★ 3 types temperature control, 2-12 °C wide temperature change, 3 gears adjustable freely, easy to control.


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